The Cold War Revival

Recent security events fomented by the United States government – that appear to have been entirely fabricated – are without doubt strategically designed to reinstate the global tension once familiar during the so-called “Cold War” years. It has been rather obvious that the American people do not want its country involved in foreign wars that seem to have no purpose other than making large sums of money for certain favored corporations. As a consequence of our pulling-out of these wars, defense contract spending disappears.


That this administration would accuse the North Korean government of “hacking” Sony because of the content of a Hollywood-produced movie is just silliness. North Korea obviously had nothing to do with this hacking, but because some official on the news, or some government agency in a press conference says it’s so, it must be true (now it is being stated that the NSA had backdoors into North Korea’s infrastructure, so they have proof that┬áthe DPR of Korea was behind the hack).

The Cold War space race is also being reinvigorated with declarations that NASA will be working toward the next generation Apollo missions – this time the target is Mars.

Alternately, making friends now with Cuba, after a stasis of 50 years of sanctions and ostracization does nothing for this country or Cuba. At this time all it does is┬ápiss off Russia. But, it’s a sensible tactic where the politicians of this country are sponsored by giant defense corporations. If they’re pulling out of active wars, but they’re in a desperate need to keep fueling the military industrial complex that signs their paychecks, they can cleverly revive the Cold War game plan. A potential war is far better than an active war, and will create the same familiar anxieties of the former Cold War years. This will rally the people of this country to accept a continuing and enormous spending spree on defense to keep the country “safe.” And, since there is no real war, we’re happy with this spending on defense.

A good plan in theory, but this time, it won’t end well. The current crop of new leaders of the world’s countries don’t have the experience of the First and Second World Wars – they know not from those horrors, and will be more than willing to engage in a new world war, one that ultimately possesses the ability to end the “world” as we know it.