badBIOS is nothing new…

Here’s a radio show I did way back in 2004 on “talk radio” in general and on computer security – nearly ten years ago – the relevant part of it is that much of what I discussed in the interview regarding computer security is only now coming to light.

The first half is a history of what I did with talk radio….the second, a cloistered version of what was going on in computer security at the time….

Nutty stuff…well, it was talk radio  😉

– The post above is simply an acknowledgement of the conflaguration concerning the recent information on the speculative super-malware known as “badBIOS” – much disparaged and dismissed – but is exactly what I was referring to on this wacky radio show.

Here’s a link to a good discussion of the subject:

On this so-called “badBIOS” – more to come….